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A trend for businesses today is forming an alliance to meet the client’s needs.  Often, Chadan Engineering’s clients will need services that we do not offer in-house, such as architectural, surveying or geotechnical services.  We have been very successful working with an alliance of other consultants to complete many projects.  This service allows the client to have one main point of contact throughout the design process.  For instance, Chadan has completed several projects where we were the prime consultant and formed an alliance with an architect to provide building design services.  Our communication skills are what enables this approach to work, and work very well, for the client.  

Chadan Engineering forms alliances with highly qualified consulting firms that have a record of successful developments.  These alliances are based on long-term relationships and years of trust.  


Strategic Alliances


  • Reduce project costs

  • Streamline the design process

  • Develop new project ideas

  • Seamless communications among the design team

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  • Survey firms

  • Architectural firms

  • Geotechnical firms

  • Mechanical and Electrical firms

  • Landscape Architectural firms

  • General Contracting firms


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