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Proper stormwater control and management is essential, regardless of the project size.  Chadan Engineering has the expertise and experience to successfully incorporate cost effective, yet efficient, designs to control and manage stormwater.  At Chadan, we believe that not only the immediate area of the project site and adjacent areas are to be considered, but effects on the downstream watershed are also reviewed.  This approach promotes a design that limits adverse effects due to new development. 



Chadan has completed hydrologic modeling for sites as small as a few acres to sites over 400 acres.  This modeling is used for culverts, detention basins, permanent ponds, dam spillways, drainage design and property development.  Accurate stormwater analysis is essential, and  we review the watershed in its entirety when modeling a site. 



Effective drainage control begins with reviewing the watershed and implementing a design that captures and directs stormwater discharging onto the subject site.  Often this critical step is overlooked, and the developer and contractors are left addressing this issue throughout construction.  With the “run-on” water controlled, the remaining site can then be controlled properly.


Most municipalities and counties have implemented stormwater requirements that include detention and or retention systems.  Chadan has successfully designed and permitted sites in multiple states meeting local stormwater requirements.  We communicate with the local regulatory agency from the beginning of the design to ensure minimal review comments.  Whether the site requires a detention basin, underground storage, or a combination of both, Chadan has the knowledge to complete and permit any site design.


Stormwater quality control requirements have been required by the Environmental Protection Agency for many years.  Although often overlooked, it is a critical part of the overall site design.  There are multiple practices that can be implemented to meet these requirements, and Chadan has the knowledge to specify which practices would be most effective for a particular site, whether it be a structural filtration system, bio-retention, infiltration system, wet basin or a dry extended detention basin.

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