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Chadan is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of Stormwater Pollution and Prevention Planning.  Proper planning is essential for construction efficiency leading to a successful development and will also allow the contractor to avoid costly on-site revisions to the plan.  Most plans are required to be submitted for regulatory review and approval.  Educated in this process, we work with the reviewer to address all concerns as soon as possible.  Chadan has developed a clear and concise format for our regulatory submittals that has been very successful in previous developments.  Our plans are easy to read and understand, with all pertinent information and details included.  The report that accompanies the plan submittal is in a format that has been used and adjusted over time to provide the client and reviewer all of the information that is required in a simple, easy-to-review format.  In fact, because of this process, we continuously secure permits ahead of the estimated timeframe.


To establish a proper plan, the site conditions, including existing conditions, must be reviewed and analyzed.  Chadan makes several site inspections during the design process to review the conditions with respect to the plan being developed.  Once this is completed, we choose a combination of management practices that are available and acceptable to the state regulatory agency.  All efforts are made to divert stormwater that is draining onto the site through the use of a diversion swale, berm or even a collection system.  By diverting this water, the amount of stormwater that needs to be addressed is greatly reduced, which often allows for smaller sediment traps or basins.  We understand that managing construction related stormwater, which is a hazard that could lead to a waste of time and resources for the client, is an essential part of the construction process.


Chadan also has the ability to provide weekly construction stormwater inspections.  We have developed a simple form that allows us to efficiently inspect the site and note any deficiencies, which is then provided to the contractor and the client.  As we are in continuous communications with the contractor during the construction process, we can offer recommendations, if needed, for improving the sediment and erosion controls that are in place.


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