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The Chadan Pink meaning has evolved over the years, but its beginnings are quite simple.  When I returned to the Ohio Valley to work with my father, Charles Sr., Chadan was doing a significant amount of property surveys.  He preferred using pink flagging and caps over the more common orange as he could see the pink better.  After completing a survey, we would leave the pink flagging to mark the corners of each property.  Later while driving by a property we had recently surveyed, Dad would always comment, “Chadan Pink.”  At the time, the majority of other surveyors were using orange, so friends and family would always know when Chadan had surveyed a particular parcel.  Over the years, other firms began to use pink, but Dad would still call it Chadan Pink.

Since Dad’s passing in 2012 to cancer, Chadan no longer provides surveying services.  Also since then, the Chadan family has had several family members and close friends battle breast cancer.  It was a simple evolution that “Chadan Pink” has become a reminder of those who have battled any type of cancer.  This disease often is devastating to the individual, as well as their friends and family.  The least Chadan can do is provide a reminder in honor of my Dad that the cure for cancer still eludes us and that people should fight as hard as they can to be a survivor.  And to those families who have lost loved ones, we are with you! We encourage everyone to support the American Cancer Society for pursuit of better treatment and, God willing, an eventual cure for all cancer.

So, the next time you see pink flagging or anything that is neon pink, pause for a second, offer up a quick prayer for all of those fighting the good fight and repeat after my Dad, “Chadan Pink!” 

Charles M. Garvick, President

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