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Chadan has the experience to design a successful utility extension plan to properly serve your site.  Our team completes a due diligence review of the site and the routing of the new lines.  We work together with the client to prepare a conceptual plan, which is then used to open a dialogue with the local utility agencies.  Working closely with these agencies allows the design and permitting phases to be completed as quickly as possible.  Chadan has designed many sites where sanitary extensions have been required.  Whether it was with the use of gravity or required a lift station, we have the expertise to complete a proper design.  Permitting sanitary line extension is an important part of the design phase.  Working with the state agencies, Chadan Engineering has permitted nearly 100 sites in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Maryland over the years. 


Our utility plans provide information for water and sanitary lines to serve the development.  All waterline bends and fittings are identified, and sanitary line profiles with all line and structure information is provided.  Sanitary pumps or lift stations are often required to properly serve the development.  Chadan will provide a design for all aspects of the sanitary system, including pump and force main specifications.  These plans are developed in close communication with the local utility provider.  All construction details are provided and again coordinated with the local agencies.


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