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The team at Chadan Engineering has successfully completed nearly 500 land development projects in multiple states since 1979.  These projects range from small residential and commercial to large commercial and industrial sites.  Unlike many engineering projects where the focus may be on the design of a road, bridge or treatment facility, land development projects require a breadth of skill and knowledge that cover all aspects of a successful land development design.  These skills include communications, record keeping, land planning, local code review and compliance, roadway and parking design, hydrology and hydraulics, utility infrastructure design, soils analysis and slope design, construction budgeting, permitting and construction oversight and administration.  Land development is a fast- paced environment with which Chadan is accustomed, and we have the ability to meet even the most difficult of deadlines.  


With developable land becoming increasingly sparse, taking time to create a comprehensive master plan should be viewed as an opportunity rather than an act of futility.  Chadan approaches master planning in the same manner we approach a single building development.  We review the various local ordinances, inquire and collect data on all utilities, perform several site visits to note any possible environmental pitfalls, and then we begin the process of creating the master plan.  A comprehensive plan is a valuable tool that the developer can utilize during the development of the site.  Chadan will often re-visit the master plan throughout a phased construction to ensure that any revisions that may have occurred early in the site development will not have detrimental effects on future phases.  We have successfully completed master plans in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.   

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