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Project management is a critical aspect of a successful project.  Chadan provides the client with clear and concise reports and meeting minutes.  We also are able to inspect a project in all phases of construction to ensure that the construction documents are being followed and that the work meets industry standards.  Change orders are reviewed to ensure that they are warranted and to determine if the client is responsible for payment.  The construction budget is also reviewed throughout the process to confirm that there are sufficient funds remaining to complete the project.  Any AIA documents are reviewed and commented on as needed. In addition, the project schedule is reviewed with both the contractor and client, and recommendations are offered to make certain that the project completion date is met.  Chadan will communicate regularly with the local inspecting permitting agencies to ascertain if there are any potential issues.  We also contact the local municipality to discuss the project and determine if there are any concerns during construction and steps that can be taken to alleviate those concerns. 

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Chadan has been contracted by several lending institutions throughout the region for monthly pay application inspection services.  This requires us to represent the institution during the pay application meeting, inspect the site for construction progress and quality control concerns, review the pay application, review and approve or deny change orders, review the construction schedule, and provide a monthly report to the institution and client.  Chadan has successfully represented construction lenders for more than 100 developments in the past 20 years.  Some institutions with which we have contracted include:


  • Huntington National Bank

  • Ohio Capital Corporation for Housing (OCCH)

  • Peoples Bank

  • RBC

  • Bellwether

  • Summit Financial

  • WesBanco Bank

  • United Bank

  • Progressive Bank

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