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Abbie View / New Martinsville, WV

Abby's Crossing / Bethesda, OH

Apostolate for Family Consecration Walk Path / Hopedale, OH 

Ardmore Crossing / Chillicothe, OH

Autumn Run / Millersburg, OH

Bay Ridge Greene / Keyser, WV

Bayberry Place / Keyser, WV

Beaumont Greene / New Holland, OH

Beaver County Auto / Beaver County, PA

Belle Prairie / Belpre, Ohio

Birch View / Fairmont, WV

Blue Ridge Landing / Benton, TN

Blue Ridge Poultry / Hopedale, OH

Bozich Properties Subdivision / Wintersville, OH

Braemar Townhouses / Morgantown, WV

Briarwood Place Apartments / Wintersville, OH

Bridge View / New Martinsville, WV

Brooke Hills Park RV Park / Brooke County, WV

Cadiz Post Office / Cadiz, OH

Cameron Ballfield/Concession Stand / Cameron, WV

Canterbury Place Apartments / Elkins, WV

Capital Crossing / Charleston, WV

Catawba Club / Berkeley Springs, WV

Cedar Glen II / Morgantown, WV

Chapel View / New Martinsville, WV

Chelsea Greene / Shinnston, WV

Chesterfield Apartments / Charleston, WV

Clough Commons / Waverly, OH

Clover Ridge / McConnellsville, OH

Colonial Park / Pomeroy, OH

Connolly Park / Beaver Falls, PA

Crawford Place / Upper Sandusky, OH

Crestfield / Glen Dale, WV

Crossroads Village Apartments / Nitro, WV

Culloden Greene Apartments / Culloden, WV 

Dennis Kirkpatrick RV Park / Belmont County, OH

Dollar General / Mecca, OH 

Drake Crossing / Clarion, PA

Dutch Ridge / Parkersburg, WV

Edward's Crossing II / Beckley, WV

Ellm View / Mason, WV

Everts Hill / Circleville, OH

Fairwood Commons / Columbus, OH

Flushing House / Flushing, OH 

Forest Edge / Rawson, OH

Fourth Street Sewer Extension / Moundsville, WV

Gables at Countryside II / Cadiz, OH

Grandview Estates / Moundsville, WV

Greene Gables / Morgantown, WV

Harvey Goodman Barton Rd / Belmont County, OH

Hattie Greene / Urbana, OH

Hayden House / Springfield, OH

Heathermoor Apartments / Weirton , WV

Heathermoor II Apartments / Weirton , WV

Heatly Crossing / Bidwell, OH 

Heritage Apartments / Coshocton, OH

Hickory View / Shinnston, WV

Hill View / Moundsville, WV

Hill View II / Moundsville, WV

Holly View / Morgantown, WV

Honey Brooke Greene / Utica, OH

Hopedale Church of Christ Renovations / Hopedale, OH 

Hopedale House / Hopedale, OH 

Ickes Water Line Extension / Belmont County, OH

Jacob's Crossing / Rio Grande, OH

Jaedra View Homes / New Martinsville, WV

JB Greene Team / Wintersville, OH

John Street Paving / Belmont, OH 

Joseph's Crossing / Summersville, WV

Junction City Apartments / Junction City, OH

Kagg Hill House / Belmont County, OH

Kensington Greene / Carrollton, OH

Keyser Greene Apartments / Keyser, WV

Koehler Crossing / Plainwell, MI

Livingston Greene / Fowlerville, MI

La Belle Greene III / Wheeling, WV

Lock View Treatment Plant / Morgantown, WV

Lockwood / Morgantown, WV

Locust View / Clarksburg, WV

Magee Road House / Belmont County, OH

Mallory Meadows / Dunkirk, OH

Maple View / Clarksburg, WV

Martinsburg Polo Greene / Martinsburg, WV

Meineke Car Care Center / Bridgeport, WV

Meridian Greene / Wintersville, OH

Meridian Greene II / Wintersville, OH

Monterey Greene / Mountain City, TN

Morrison Place / Georgetown, OH

Morristown House / Morristown, OH 

Muirwood Greene Apartments / Romney, WV

Norwood Greene / Marietta, OH

Oakmont Greene / Bradley, WV

Oakmont Greene II / Bradley, WV

Oakwood North Subdivision / Zanesville, OH

Ohio County Coal Company Bleeder Shaft / Marshall Co., WV

Ohio Hills Health Services / Woodsfield, OH

Olde Hickory / Coshocton, OH

Pembrooke Greene / Lodi, OH

Pheasant Ridge / McConnelsville, OH

Pine Tree Towing / Guernsey County, OH

Pleasant View / Fairmont, WV

Providence Greene I / Wheeling, WV

Providence Greene II / Wheeling, WV

Raceland Meadows / Raceland, KY

Rich View / Kingwood, WV

Richwood Greene / Richwood, OH

Ridgewood Greene / Reynoldsville, PA

Russels Crossing / Barnesville, OH

Schoen Brunn Greene / Sugar Creek, OH

Sentimental Acres Sanitary Sewer / Moundsville, WV

Sky Meadows / Cambridge, OH

Sleep Inn / Moundsville, WV

St. Paul's Terrace / Parkersburg, WV

Stableford Crossing / Union, OH

Stacey Crossing / Wheeling, WV

Stacey Village / Wheeling, WV

Stevenson Square / Decatur, TN

Stone Brooke / Weirton, WV

Stonepath / Morgantown, WV

Stoney Ridge Apartments / Cadiz, OH

Sugar Street House / St. Clairsville, OH

Suite View / Ripley, WV

Terrapin Park / Parkersburg, WV

Three Springs Crossing Stormwater Analysis / Weirton, WV

Twin Knobs / Morgantown, WV

Victory Place / Barboursville, WV

Village Greene / Roseville, OH 

Village Square / Peebles, OH

Washington School Apts / Washington Courthouse, OH

Watson Road Waterline Extension / St. Clairsville, OH

Wayne Crossing - Greenville, OH

Webster Greene - Peebles, OH

Wesley Yard - Crestline, OH

West Greene Townhomes- Morgantown, WV

Willow Greene - Bridgeport, WV

Xena Place - McArthur, OH

Yellowbud Place Apartments - Moorefield, WV

Zion Christian Retreat Bath House / Flushing, OH 

Zion Christian Retreat RV Park / Flushing, OH   

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