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Chadan has the experience to develop a thorough and accurate construction budget not only for site work, but for all site improvements including any buildings or structures.  This allows us to communicate with the client during the conceptual phase to determine if the budget is sufficient or if alternatives need to be considered.  With more than 20 years of experience in construction estimating, we understand the importance of an accurate budget.  It is crucial on all projects, but specifically, larger scale projects where small miscalculations can become greatly magnified.  We have alliances with several contractors that allow us to gather information quickly to produce a budget in a timely manner.  Chadan has developed budgets for a range of projects from small churches and dental offices to multi-million dollar apartment complexes.  In addition, we have provided budget estimates for site development work, church renovations, RV park designs, house renovations, new medical facilities, apartment complexes, subdivisions, and more.

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Chadan also has many years of experience in providing cost reduction reviews for our clients.  A productive, well-run value-engineering process will lead to a better, more efficient development that meets the client’s needs.  We have several clients that entrust us to provide a third-party review in an attempt to bring a development in on budget.  We have successfully provided cost reduction reviews for apartment and subdivision developments, small retail sites, large recreational facilities, and site rehabilitation projects.  Chadan approaches value engineering as a process that includes the following phases:


Investigation – We begin with a review of the plans, specifications and budgets.  We also identify functions of the project and elements proposed to complete the project, making notes of high-cost and possibly redundant elements.


Creative Planning – We consider alternatives to the elements identified in the investigation phase, without losing the function of the element. 


Evaluation – Each alternative is evaluated for functionality and cost. We determine what the advantages and disadvantages are, and if the alternative affects the construction schedule negatively.  This phase meets the objective of value engineering – providing the best blend of performance, cost and schedule. 


Development – After selecting the best alternatives, they are fully developed through drawings and cost estimation.  In addition, an implementation plan is developed when necessary.


Presentation – The final phase is presenting the recommendations to the client.  This brief report contains the data the client needs to make a decision on how to proceed.

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