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Chadan Engineering’s clients often have sites that need to be brought to current standards regarding issues such as accessibility, stormwater, zoning, etc.  We have provided services for more than 50 rehabilitation and redevelopment sites.  The most common requirement is in meeting the current accessibility standards.  This can be difficult, and often an unconventional approach is required to complete the project.  Chadan knows the accessibility requirements very well, and we understand the best, most economical approach to have them constructed.  We frequently see where plans are provided to address the issues, but the designer or contractor did not take into account the “ripple effect” that occurs with new work within an existing development.  This “ripple effect” is what occurs along the edges of the proposed work as the contractor attempts to get back to an existing elevation.  We have found this to be a large source of change orders and can be avoided in most circumstances.  Whether it is a new sidewalk, ramp, parking stall or a combination of these, Chadan can work within the confines of the site and budget to address your accessibility issues.


Stormwater drainage on rehabilitation and redevelopment sites can also be difficult and costly.  While working with the constraints of an existing site, many times the only option is to install an underground system.  Chadan  has designed sites with underground pipe storage, chamber storage, as well as vault and dry bed storage. 


Zoning is often a concern that needs to be addressed during a rehabilitation and redevelopment site.  Chadan has the experience in working with many zoning officials and boards to know what to look for during the design.  Perhaps the site requires additional parking or the site density will need to be recalculated.  Being able to address any zoning issues early in the process is critical for future success. 



During Construction

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