Chadan Engineering Services, Inc., was founded by Charles S. Garvick in Moundsville, WV, in 1979.  Specializing in civil engineering and surveying, we served the Ohio Valley.....

In 1998, son Charles M. Garvick, left the Longaberger Company??? and joined his father at Chadan. 

a family business.

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In 2017, Chadan moved to St. Clairville, OH and 

New logo, new office, new vision????, same ????

family owned operations

Built on

Today we serve

earned us a reputation

We pride ourselves on building strong business relationships based on ….

Focus on ??? has been at the foundation of ?? since we began in 1979.


We have designed sites in Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Michigan, and have consulted with engineering firms in North and South Carolina, Indiana and New York.  We have the knowledge and expertise to make your vision a reality - on time and within budget.  Chadan has completed projects for single family residences to large scale subdivisions, 1-acre commercial sites to 100-acre industrial sites. We have produced stormwater studies for a 6,000-square-foot car wash to a culvert crossing with a 400-acre drainage area.  With a proven reputation of delivering innovative solutions, we provide the same amount of expertise for any size job.

In 2019, Chadan will be celebrating 40 years

in the industry and would like to add you

to our list of satisfied clients!

Charles S. Garvick, Founder


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